Dog Grooming Level C Program Outline:

Duration: Beginner 50 lessons 

                     Beginner + Advanced 70 lessons 


Training Schedule: By appointment only, please call to find out more.

In this dog grooming course you will be learning:

1) Theory

  • understanding dog anatomy
  • breed recognition
  • pet safety
  • general health care
  • dog grooming steps

2) Practical on basic grooming

  • ear care
  • nail care
  • dematting technique
  • expressing anal glands
  • proper handling and control
  • flea and ticks control
  • proper brushing and combing technique
  • proper bathing and drying technique

3) Practical on scissoring and clipping
  • proper scissoring and clipping technique
  • pet clip on various breed ( poodle ,Pomeranian, ShihTzu,schnauzer,Yorkshire,Maltese ,chow chow etc)

4) Art and craft

  • drawing
  • cutting sponge

5) Basic colouring

6) Pet spa treatment

  • spa by using machine
  • acupressure massage

7) Grooming business management

  • consultation on setting up pet salon


    Final stage for advanced lessons

  • further enhancement on poodle lamp clip